How to Take Better Pictures of Your Friends

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Friends: Whenever you get together with your friends, you have a picture-perfect opportunity to capture their unforgettable faces. In fact, you could not ask for a better time to practice photography. Friends are one of the most popular photographic subjects – both for photographers and people who view the photos they take. The following easy tips will help you get fantastic photos of your friends every time!

Tip #1 for Photographing Your Friends’ Unforgettable Faces: Get Closer

You’d be amazed at how many people picture-takers simply stand too far away from their subject. When you’re too far away, you allow distractions into the picture that don’t belong there. These distractions make it hard for people looking at your picture to know the subject of your picture.

So, whenever you get a chance, take a few steps closer to your subject. If it’s a friend, fill the frame – the entire rectangle you see in the viewfinder – with his or her face. When you think you’re close enough, take another step closer.

You’ll be amazed at how much this helps!

Have Your Subjects Get Closer Together, Too

Also, when you get your friends together for a group portrait, tell them to get their heads close together. It’s that simple. So many people keep their distance from each other when they pose for a picture, but that makes them look less friendly – like they don’t really like each other.

When your friends think they’re close enough, tell them to scrunch together just a little bit more.

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