Removing Backgrounds from Image – Photo Tip and Tricks

Removing Backgrounds – Photo Tip and Tricks – You can remove the background or backdrop behind an object in a picture with a process called background removal. This process can remove the background in its entirety, or you can choose sections or parts that you desire from a backdrop to be removed.

The advent of digital photography and its accompanying technologies has made background removal an easy editing fix. Before such capabilities were available, background removal of a photograph was a more difficult process.

It was once done in a darkroom under all of the proper temperature and ambient conditions. The film was watched closely while submerged in a working solution. By overexposing the film to the solution, the background was blurred and has a decrease in resolution.

Today, background removal is possible with any digital photo editing software like GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP. GIMP is a special type of graphics editing application that is able to support some kinds of object-oriented (or vector) graphics.

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