5 Posing and Lighting Tips for Great Pictures

5 Posing and Lighting Tips for Great Pictures

1. To give bodies more shape, turn them away from the light source.

2. To make your subjects appear more friendly and engaged, have them lean forward a bit with their chests.

3. To make your subject more shapely and thin, have them hold their arms slightly away from their body.

4. To reduce the site of a double chin or bags under the eyes, use a higher angle with high light.

5. To give your subjects a friendly, more engaged look, have them lean forward with their chests.

Bonus Tips for Saving Your Images While Traveling

Traveling and vacations are prime opportunities for photographers. But just when we have unlimited picture taking opportunities, we also have less access to storage of our precious memories captured with our cameras. Here are some tips for extra storage for those memorable times.

► Bring along your laptop. Though this is probably the most cost-effective and convenient way to save your pictures, it may not be worth the risk of damage or theft.

►Buy more memory cards. This is great if one extra card will get you through.

► Have your images saved to a CD. Many one-hour photo shops offer this rather inexpensive service. Just make sure you check the CD before deleting your images.

► Visit and Internet Cafe and email them to yourself. You will want to plan ahead with this option. Make sure the cafe has the capability to download your images from your camera.


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