Photography Workflow Photographers who store their image files in a manageable and straightforward folder structure, allowing them to find EVERY SINGLE photo in less than 12 seconds, are just too lazy to search, right? Well, for me it’s time to admit that I am an extremely lazy person. That’s why I avoid any trouble searching for my files by keeping them in such a really plain folder structure.

Photography Workflow
Photography Workflow

In forums I frequently got advice that I should absolutely use this or that photo database or this or that professional software to organize my thousands of files. Believe me dude, I’ve been there, done that. What works best for me is a set of folders that gives me no headaches, no technical glitches and which allows me to spend more time behind the camera than in front of the screen. Now my fellow photographer J. Berg sent me an email asking “Do you have any suggestions on how to organize my files?”. I felt it’s time to make a quick little video showing how easy the photography world can be. And for total and complete laziness efficiency I even zipped the folder structure that I use and made it downloadable via the link below the video.

The zip archive featured here contains a structure of folders which helps you with your photography workflow and with your photo archiving.

Download it by making a right click (PC) or Option-click (Mac) and choose “save as”. Unzip it into the “images” or “pictures” folder of your computer. The zip archive also contains the file “How To Use.pdf”. Refer to this file for detailed instructions.

Photography Workflow Friendly Way To Store Images

[.zip file, 106 kb]


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