Photography Comes From The Heart

Photography Comes From The Heart: Most people underestimate the importance of a photographer when planning of special events such as weddings, anniversaries, christening etc. events that may only comes ones in a life time. It is not surprising that more money is invested in decorations, catering and entertainment rather than on what I consider to be more important thing. In my opinion, the photographer is the most important person in the planning of a memorable event.

After you must have spent a lot on clothes to wear, perhaps wedding dresses, catering and entertainment for your guest, after all is said and done … what are you left with? Of course! The bill and a whole lot of cleaning up to do. But with your cherished memories well documented you have everything to be excited about. You cannot wind back the arms of the clock, and there is a limit to what you can recollect of the day and besides with time, these memories fade away but the hurt and regrets of not having your day well documented grows as the years roll by. The effects of not investing in professional photography would stare right in your face and would replace the sweet memories of that day with hate and regrets.

Photography is more than the act of pointing a camera and shooting, whether it is a point-and -shoot camera or a professional one. You can have the best photography skills, the best camera and lenses but the ‘Midas’ touch lies within the heart of the photographer. By looking at a portfolio of photographs taken by a photographer you can create the photographer’s profile. In my view, photography is an expression of the heart and mind of the man behind the camera. Your creativity easily shows from your works, it comes from within you. Just as musicians, artist and poets express themselves through their work of art, a photographer expresses himself though his works as well.

A person in tune with his our her emotions and with the right skills would by far produce a more comprehensive coverage of emotional events like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries than a person just paid to cover the event. Reportage style photography as it is called today captures creatively the emotions and excitements of the event. Capturing candid moments that really represents the day rather than the posed shots or what I call the ‘make believe shots’ where you may have to get everyone to say cheese to get them to smile.

So the next time to point a camera to take a photo either as a hobby of a profession, take a second to think about what you intend to convey in the shots you take. Is it love, joy and happiness or hate sorrow and anguish? The choice is absolutely yours once you press the button it comes into everyone’s focus.

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