IVA-Connected Smart Cameras for Retail Stores

smart digital camera/networks
smart digital camera/networks

IVA-Connected Smart Cameras for Retail Stores

The SD-WAN can be applied to a wide array of applications and features in retailer/vendor networks

As a way to attract common traffic and keep customers, retailers are exploring the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities: 

  • Clients that connect to the Internet for free; 
  • A device with a list or POS system that can be used to send or view information using stands, tablets, or mobile devices; 
  • Several facts and virtual reality experiences that clients can experience before making a purchase;
  • Using digital cameras and video analysis to observe walker traffic patterns and measure client reactions to displays and products; among many others. 

There’s a hidden cost to these fancy gadgets, though: they can interfere with traditional networks. In addition to enterprise-critical applications, such as POS systems, networks require multiple and highly reliable communication channels and uptime to support these connected gadgets and digital functions. 

SD-WAN can improve network durability, effectiveness, and cost savings, so vendor networks can support data transfer from connected gadgets, payment gateways, return PCs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – everything pays and sells without requiring more time to configure.

With the help of SD-WAN-enabled cameras, fraud and theft can be detected using an intelligent video analytics technique

The retail industry faces fraud and robbery especially as they can be checked through legal supervision that is consistent and ongoing. 

In the United States, robbery and fraud losses reached USD 61.7b in 2019, an increase compared to earlier years, according to the 29th National Retail Security Survey published by the National Retail Federation. 

Total global spending amounts to USD 100b. The National Retail Federation estimates that retail declines are caused by fraud and robbery almost 66% of the time. Retailers use a blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge digital technologies to keep track of the amazing numbers.

Cameras attached to the IVA system at the store’s entrances and the exits monitor the number of visitors, and biometric software and facial identifiers are used to detect clients entering the store. A client’s face is displayed for the future if she or he is associated with fraud or theft. 

For instance, the AI Vaak theft recognition system from Japan claims to be more than 80% accurate at detecting fraud and theft utilizing a lot of data analyzed by algorithms developed by IVA. The system can be configured to sound a warning if a client is blocked so that corrective action can be taken.

However, identification methods do not limit themselves to entry points. In the store, there is a possibility of crime at all times, including during the payment process. As an example, RetailAI Protect Malong Tech includes an overhead fixed [dome camera] that captures recordings of unscanned and suspected barcode items and sends the data to a backend AI model for decoding. As soon as the system detects a fault in a game, such as incorrect scanning or barcode ticket exchange, a warning will be displayed.

It allows customers to explore in-store losses and crime by analyzing footage from multiple cameras in minutes rather than spending hours or days using manual auditing methods. Administrators can use filters to discover individuals or objects that match a predefined description, retrieve important details, collect evidence, and assist research.

We help you to install and manage your retail store networks with SD-WAN digital functionalities.


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