How to start shooting models for photography

Many photographers would love to have a living being in their photo shoot. Why not? For that they always first ask their close relations, like friends/family, if they are willing to pose for them before hiring the services of a model. How much to pay models for a photo shoot?. Well it all depend on many things like your location, your model’s portfolio, your clients budget etc so there is no definite answer to that. Just make sure you have a model contract for photo shoot.

If you’ve not spent any time in front of the lens yourself, then it will be difficult for you to understand the specific challenges a model is facing for doing this job. My advice is to spend some time in front of the lens yourself. Posing for a freelance photographer is not a bad idea to have this experience. Just remember you are not doing this to learn the certain styles of photography but instead for you to know what it’s like to BE a model.

Though, if you do not opt for that valuable learning experience, then take notes of these free model mayhem photo shoot ideas:

6 Secretes to get the best out of a model Photo Shoot


Most people feel truly nervous and uncomfortable in front of a lens. Even an experienced model can’t read your mind and doesn’t know what your intentions are. So before you get started, sit down with your model and discuss your entire plans for the shoot with them. Trust me this communication is very important to break down the discomfort zone between you and your models.
Explain your concept and share your goals, sketch out how you want them to pose, to look, and what expressions and mode you’re after. One major mistake a lot of photographers make is to treat their model as a living statue, only there to be posed and take directions.

By having this communication, you give your model some context, structure, and understanding of the situation that helps them be less nervous. It also provides them an opportunity to be connected with the procedure; they might even have ideas of their own that could enhance what you initially had planned.
Constant feedback throughout the photo shoot is also vital to keep them motivated.

Comfort is Key

Several modeling photo shoots, often involve the model dress, most likely their clothing that’s not always good for the environment. When you’re standing still in cold air wearing a bathing suit, it is really hard to give off a relaxed summer vibe.

Always be aware of the temperature your person is modeling in, ensure they’re as comfortable as they can be in the situation.

If you’ve to do a nude photo shoot, try and do it in the warm heated room instead of outside. It is hard to look relaxed when you’re shivering and cold. Discuss your model’s strength and endurance with them in relation to the posses you’re doing.

Always have regular breaks and sticks to the schedule. Posing can be physically demanding as many poses are quite unnatural to hold for extended lengths of time.

Explain the concept behind your photo shoot

Most fashion editorial photo shoots will be having a theme or a concept behind them. All of your models must be rightly briefed about the tone, mood, and theme of the shoot.

Will the photo shoot be dark and dramatic, or will it be relaxed and lighthearted? Just like an actor needs a proper background and story line to work with, so too does a model, and it is your job as a photographer to provide them enough to work with.

Give constant feedback and direction

Even if you are working with pro models, it is always better to give constant direction and take feedback during your photo shoot session. We, at Tyler King Photography, find that some positive engagement is forever best, and do not ever engage in any negative conversation in front of your model, even if you dont like their pose. As this can be bad for confidence of your model and confidence is very important for the mood. A healthy and interesting conversation will always help to make sure they feel good about themselves.

How to direct photo shoot models: If you are giving them directions you can ask them politely for example something like, can you please put your right elbow down towards the way of your body and lift your wrist slightly further up to your ear then little bend your right knee and lower your eyebrows, just stop there. And show your models what you mean but never ever touch them before you have their permission.

Use lighting Perfectly

Often, you might find yourself shooting editorials where the model’s face is the concentration of the photoshoot. I would normally recommend you to use studio lighting, rather than relying on natural lighting alone.

Do not forget candid shoots

Bear in mind – do not stop shooting until your models stop poising. As the photographer, you’ve to always be switched on. Look for those moments when your models are not acting for the camera. Look for the times when they are only standing there naturally looking pensive.

Always look for the moments when they are midway through a fit of laughter. If you get the 1 perfect candid shot, it’ll always end up looking way more natural and striking than something you tried to force.

Wrap up…

Above all, keep in mind to relax, have fun while remaining pro on the day, and you will end up with happy models and wonderful photographs. A win-win for everything!

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