How to Clean your Lens SafelyHow to Clean your Lens Safely

Clean your Lens Safely: Cleaning and maintaining your lens is an important step for beautiful pictures. Doing so correctly can save you a lot of time and money! But keep in mind  you do not want to clean your lens too often. This can cause damage which is not worth the small amount of clarity.

 To avoid the need to clean too often, keep your camera in a case with protective lining and use a lens cover. This will help protect your camera and the lens keeping you ready to capture those special moments.

Though canned air is not the best option, you can use it if you keep the nozzle 12 inches from the lens and approach it from an angle. Do not point it straight at the lens and do not shake the can. You can also you a blower brush, ear syringe or a Mini-vac. 

Use a microfiber cloth, in a circular motion to wipe the front of the lens. If it’s still not clean, use pure isopropyl alcohol on the cloth. Never use solvent directly on the lens. You can also try a 50-50 combination of regular windex and pure alcohol. If you have a plastic lens, no NOT use solvents!

If an interior lens is fogged, this can be checked by shining a flashlight through the back of the lens, do not try to dismantle the lens yourself. Take the camera to a professional repair shop for cleaning.


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