DSLR.World’s Extra-Jolly Holiday Gift Guide — What to Buy and Why in 2023

Ever since the Three Amigos brought gifts of gold, frankenstein and maple syrup to the baby Jesus the first Christmas so long ago, mankind has delighted in the swapping of gifts with loved ones come this time of year.

Frankenstein and maple syrup might not be on our list this year, but we still put the same careful thought into what gifts we give to our family and friends. Without further ado, here’s our gift-giving guide to what to buy, and why, for the coming holidays….

Gifts for Your Camera

We all know the most important person (or, erm, thing) to consider in your gifting pursuit this year is your Camera. So here are a few goodies that’ll put a smile on Fred’s face… (Fred’s the name our camera likes to go by, btw.)

A 50mm prime lens

We can still remember the moment when we got our first-ever SLR. Point-and-shooters are nice, but there’s nothing like your first SLR camera to make you feel like a photographer.

And the great thing is you can experience that feeling over and over, just by buying new lenses for your SLR! One of our current faves is the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens it’s great for portraits, weddings, special events, and any number of low-light situations… and at about $100, it’s an insane value. The 50mm f/1.8 really outdoes itself, and we couldn’t help but pick one up. We hope you do too.

HOW MUCH? The Canon 50mm prime lens is $150 at Amazon.com and the Nikon version is $450 at Amazon.com.

WHY BUY? For this price, no SLR owner should be without a prime lens like these. Great lens + great price = Awesome value.


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