Best Budget Smartphone For PUBG : Realme C3 Review
Realme C3 Review: The Best Budget Smartphone For PUBG

Best Budget Smartphone For PUBG : Realme C3 Review

We are talking about Best Budget Smartphone For PUBG under $200 but really hopes you change that whether its latest budget Smartphone the Realme C3 now the Realme C3 is powered by a Gaming-Oriented processor and to my knowledge it is the only Smartphone under $200 which defaults to high settings when playing PUBG.

Now I’ve been using this device as my daily for a bit and here are my first impressions of the Realme C3

The Realme C3 is a really good-looking phone and it looks particularly gorgeous in this frozen blue color we have here the Smartphone features a matte finish towards the back with a stunning gradient coating which mimics the sun’s rays at different angles honestly

The Realme C3 is among the better-looking budget Smartphone in the market and it definitely has a front factor moreover despite its massive size the Realme C3 is quite Ergonomic thanks in part to its textured back which helped me grip it perfectly for the mood the Smartphone comes with chambered edges.

So while it will form a bulge in the pocket of your jeans it shouldn’t bite your thighs when you said the Smartphone is quite heavy too although I got used to the weight in a day or so what I couldn’t get around was the Micro USB port at the bottom which just feels archaic in 2021 moreover unlike similarly priced devices like the red v8a the really Realme C3 doesn’t support fast charging either and is limited to just 10-watt charging.

Honestly, I’m dreading charging this phone as it comes with a 5000 mAh battery which will surely have me sitting next to a power outlet for several hours but I digress as for the rest of the ports and buttons the really Realme C3 features a power button on the right-hand side which sits a little too flush with the chassis for my liking the volume rocker can be found on the left along with a triple SIM slot meaning you will be able to insert two SIM cards and a micro SD card in the device.

Simultaneously there’s no fingerprint sensor on mode however the company more than makes up for it by offering one of the fastest faces unlock tech under $200 it literally unlocks the Smartphone in the blink of an eye lastly you’ll also get a Headphone jack with the smartphone along with the mono speaker grille both of which can be found at the bottom

Coming to the display the Realme C3 ships will 6.5 inch HD plus IPS panel the quality of the display is nothing to write home about and it offers decent viewing angles the peak brightness level could have been a tad bit higher as a struggle to use the Smartphone outdoors moreover The device doesn’t support Wide vine L1 so you can all but kiss streaming HD content from Netflix goodbye.

Phone Performance

let’s talk about performance because that is after all the smartphones you P the Realme C3 is powered by MediaTek s– Gaming-Oriented G70 Octa-core processor the chip works alongside 4gb of RAM and 64gb of Wilton use the expandable storage.
Now I won’t beat around the bush at all so far the Realme C3 is shaping up to be the best performing Smartphone under $200 I’ve been using it for a bit and so far I’ve not noticed any instances of lag or starter the animations were rendered smoothly and intensive games like PUBG default into high settings fact the Realme see three runs pub G are the same graphics setting as the Realme x2 Imagine that now I still have to spend more time on the phone to see if it can sustain such Performance over the longer duration but so far things are looking pretty good for the Realme C3

Realme C3 Software

Software-wise the Handset runs really nice all new really UI it shows recently did a video on the BME UI and if you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend that you do the video explains really nice custom skin in entirety so it should help clear any doubts that you have for now though


let’s move on to the cameras the Realme C3 features a dual camera set up at the back comprising a pair of 12 megapixels and 2-megapixel sensors with F 1.8 and F 2.4 apertures respectably the 2 megapixels assisting the shooter will help the handset capture depth information and towards the front the device gets a 5-megapixel selfie camera now the camera setup is modest at best and the initial shots I took with the device didn’t blow me away either take a look at some of the camera samples and let me know what you think in the comments below

Realme C3 Processor

The Realme C3 undoubtedly offers much much better performance as it is powered by the Helio G70 Processor whereas you only get an entry-level snapdragon 439 chip with the Redmi 8 Realme C3 could even be much much more expensive Smartphone’s like the Galaxy A51 and the opah 15 when it comes to performance so moving on the Realme C3 also gives you more screen real estate when compared to the Redmi 8 and since both the devices are powered by a 5000 mAh battery I expect the Realme C3 to have this half similar battery life when compared to the Redmi 8 as well so in summation provided the cameras on the real nice I’II don’t turn out too bad during my testing I think really has this long in the back and with that our first impressions of the Realme C3.


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