5 Professional Digital Photography Tips

Professional Digital Photography Tips: It is definitely possible that you can take fantastic photos with a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. The problem doesn’t lie with the camera. You can take super lousy shots with the most sophisticated Canon dSLR. It is the skills of the photographer.Below are 10 professional digital photography tips you can use without having to fork out money on expensive equipment:

1. Warming Up the Tones

Do you realized that the shots you took sometimes have a cool, clammy feel? The default white balance setting for most digital camera is “auto”. This is okay for most shots but it is more towards the “cool” side.

Try taking a test. Take some outdoor shots with white balance “auto” on and then take the same picture with “cloudy” setting. I am sure you will like the “warm” image better.

2. Use Macro Mode

Some amazing fine details of an object can be taken using “macro” mode. Try activating “macro” mode on your digital camera and explore your surroundings. Objects like flowers and insects can give you very interesting images which you can never thought of.

Bear in mind that you will have shallow depth of field when using “macro” mode. Hence, just focus on the part of the object that is most important for you and let the rest of the image go soft.

3. Use Polarizing Filter

Want to enhance your photos with some punch? You should get yourself a polarizing filter. It is very good for outdoor and landscape shooting. You can lower glare and get rid of unwanted reflections. Polarizing shots have richer and more saturated colors.

Your digital camera can’t insert filter? No problem. Use a pair of quality sunglasses. Take them off your eyes and use them as a polarizing filter. Place them as near to your digital camera’s lens as possible. It works! I have been using this trick for years!

4. Outdoor Photos that Shine

Do you know you can always put “flash” mode on always? Don’t let your digital camera determines the light setting. You can control!

When in “flash on” mode, your camera exposes for the background first. It then adds sufficient flash to illuminate your portrait subject. Your photo will end up where the composition looks good.

Another great technique is to put your object under a shade, e.g: under a tree, and use the flash to illuminate the object. This will keep the person looks comfortable with no squinted eyes due to the sun glare.

5. High Storage Media Cards

Even the most common digital cameras nowadays range between 5-8 megapixel. A high resolution picture can take up massive space. You don’t want to miss a great shot because your media card is full. Try to get a 1GB card for your digital camera which are 5 megapixel and above.

Even with just a simple digital camera, you can take great shots. All you need is some creativity and skills. With some professional digital photography tips I mentioned above, you can take on dSLR photographers with lousy skills.


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