You are in the middle of a photo shoot when … your digital camera batteries go down. Nightmare. But, well, at least on workshops I’ve seen cases like that. The next thing you see is a photographer who is desperately asking if somebody got a Canon battery charger or a spare digital camera battery. Not good.

In a way yours truly is guilty for those situation as well. In a number of posts I preached tethered shooting. And no matter if you tether by radio or via USB cable – someone has to deliver the energy for high bandwidth signal transmission. It’s one more task that your good old batteries have to cater for.

That’s why I think I owe you a strategy for dealing with rechargeable batteries for photo shoots. A strategy, that ensures your batteries always hold a bit more power than you actually need, never letting you down. 

It’s not so long ago that I felt the typical frustration that users often have when using rechargeable batteries: they are too expensive, too heavy, the battery charger is too bulky, they take too long to charge and once they are charged they loose their current in a matter of hours and much more. Nowadays I don’t feel this pain anymore. Partially because I decided to exchange my big pile of low quality batteries with a hand full of high quality batteries. Also because over time I developed a strategy for recharging batteries faster than I consume power.

I hope this provides you with the one or the other nugget of information that keeps you powered up like the Duracell rabbit – just rechargeable. 

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I wish your good light!


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